Switch Rail Systems, Inc., is the premier manufacturer of innovative, reliable, sustainable and secure safety rail systems to the construction industry worldwide.

Switch Rail Systems modular design offers unmatched flexibility in meeting OSHA standards for safety rail systems.

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Summer 2015 – Jane Adams Tollway (I-90) Chicago, Illinois


The Spring of 2015 saw the beginning of the I-90, Jane Adams Tollway, improvement project. Switch Rail Systems, Inc. was called on to provide safety rail for the length, and the duration, of the project. Here you see the penetrating system products in use attached to the poured concrete barrier wall along the edge of the soon to be ‘new’ roadway. Not only is the Switch Rail System fully OSHA compliant, it’s reusable! Call Switch Rail Systems today and learn how to save money and secure all your projects.


Circle Interchange (I-90 and I-290 Interchange), Chicago, Illinois


It has often been said that Chicago enjoys two seasons every calendar year, winter and construction! The winter of 2014-2015 brought the startup of the Circle Interchange reconstruction and improvement project. Here we see Switch Rail Systems Beam Clamp System providing fall protection without the need to tie off. Fully OSHA compliant, the system allows for moves, changes and removal in a fraction of the time it would take to use lumber. Call Switch Rail Systems today to see how you can save time and money on your next project!


Harold Washington Library Re-roof


The Harold Washington Library Re-Roof project has started and Switch Rail is proud to be a part of it. This is our standard rail system with our “Horizontal Clamp” that we pinched the structural beam of the catwalk. It allows for all trades to freely work on any part of the roof without having to be tied off and it keeps the catwalk fully accessible around the entire perimeter. What are you waiting for? MAKE THE SWITCH!